analyze the Truman Doctrine using the APPARTS in two-column note format
Read The threat of Communist China in the text pp. 830-831. (Teacher may supplement with any reading connecting Communism in China to the Cold War.) Take notes on the reading in two-column note format.

Think/Write/Pair/Share: Use two-column notes from your homework to write a paragraph explaining the relationship between each of the following terms and American policy in East Asia?
  • Jiang Jieshi
  • Mao-Zeodong
  • 38th parallel
  • limited war
Pair/Share: paragraph and make needed revisions with partner.

Pair/Share: Two-column notes on The threat of Communism and add key information as needed.

Full Class Discussion: Call on pairs to analyze the content and respond to Questions, Comments, Connections, and Inferences.
Use two-column notes to answer the following:
Why did American aid to Jiang's Nationalists fail to prevent Mao's communists from taking control of China?

Communists Victory in China

Analyze using It Says/It Means
On September 21, 1949, at a rally in the Chinese capital, Bejing, the victorious Communist leader Mao Zedong said:
"We have closed our ranks and defeated both domestic and foreign oppressors through the People's War of Liberation and the great people's revolution, and now we are proclaiming the founding of the People's Republic of China."

Focus Question: What did the Communist victory mean for China and the rest of East Asia? Examine the role China would play in the Cold War struggle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. How might the U.S. and the Soviet Union each benefit from ties to China?

Analyze the primary source document

"Order to the Chinese People's Volunteers, October 1950"

Pair/Share: APPARTS chart paying close attention to the analysis section. Include textual evidence to support your analysis. Revise as necessary. Be sure to analyze the reasons Mao cited for China's support of North Korea in the War.

Note-taking: Use your reading, Communism Spreads in Eas Asia, to complete the following: (This reading may be substituted with any World History or U.S. History Text on China in the Cold War.)

Complete the graphic organizer to summarize the effects of the Communist Revolution on China and the impact of the Cold War on China and Korea

Use your APPARTS and your Graphic Organizer to answer the following:

Identify the basic conflicts of the Cold War and explain how they affected the nations of China and Korea.

Video Clip:
A Land Divided: The Korean War--take notes on the Big Ideas only
Pair/Share: Notes and reactions
Think/Write: The division of Korea and Germany were intended to be temporary solutions.
Explain why you think Germany and Korea had very different outcomes.
Pair/Share: Discuss and make needed revisions. Address comments, connections, questions in your group.


Using a Venn diagram, compare and contrast The League of Nations to the United Nations

Predict: Use the information from your Venn diagram: How might the history of Korea have been different if United Nation forces had not stepped in to oppose the North Korean invasion in 1950?